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These top of the line luxury long-stay and holiday villas are located inside a lovely beach resort with all facilities and even a beautiful Spa and Massage Health Care Center. The houses have lots of space for large families and groups of friends. The details are well thought out with customer feedback taken into consideration. High quality and practical details make the Thai Pool Villas perfect for western buyers and holiday visitors.

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A proven and popular concept

Over the years, more and more Thai Pool Villas have been built inside the VIP Chain resort. Most villas are owned by foreigners who let us rent out their house when they don't need it themselves and in this way get a high and guaranteed return of investment. We now have a great variety of villas from two to four bedrooms, separate lovely guest house right at the pool, one or two floors, all with a big private garden with big swimming pool. A Thai Pool Villa feels like a private luxury home with lots of space and is excellent for both a holiday visit or long-term stay for a large family or a group of friends
Thai Pool Villa is located in a quiet corner inside the greater VIP Chain resort.

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Have a house built for you

You can have your special needs and preferences designed into your new house and make it your personal home. We can advice you about various options. The optional interior package can also be modified according to your taste and needs. We have great experience with building Thai Pool Villas exactly as our customers want them.

This is a unique chance to become the owner of a holiday home or a long-stay home with a built-in opportunity to rent it out when you don’t need the house yourself – or just as a great investment with a big return. We can even offer you a re-sell certificate with a guaranteed increase of property value. Then it can't be any safer!

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A unique interior package

Our optional interior furnishing and decoration package has everything you need in order to stay in your house, and makes it ready to move in. There is furniture, a modern kitchen with appliances and cookware, curtains, bed sheets, pictures and decorations. There is also air conditioning, TV and DVD player. And we are especially proud of the furniture. We have designed it ourselves, and we have it handmade in high quality in a selected factory in Indonesia. You won't find it anywhere else.The sofa can even be changed to a double bed for 2 extra visitors.See demo video >

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Lovely Resort with all facilities for Seniors and Families
Right at the 10 km long sandy Mae Rampeung Beach

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 Buy a new Thai Pool Villa

You can buy a sparkling new Thai Pool Villa built for you with your special needs designed into the details both inside and outside. The construction time is around eight months. You can pay for your villa in small instalments as the construction completes. This offers you extra safety. Or you are welcome to pay the full amount right at the beginning if you find that easier. Then we will give you a small discount.
We also have fully furnished second-hand villas for sale for immediate takeover. If you are interested in a second-hand villa, then please contact us for updated information on available units.
Please note that the price list below only shows examples of Thai Pool Villas. Other combinations and options are possible, for example a bigger land plot with a huge garden. We will help you put together a package that is perfect for your needs.


Examples of
Villa Types
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
210 m2
230 m2
340 m2
600 m2
8x4 m
9x5/3 m
10x5/4 m
12x5 m
30 m2
30 m2
40 m2
50 m2
Guest House
28 m2
28 m2
Prices THB
Interior package
Guest house
GH Interior

Payment Plan

Reservation fee: 100,000 THB
(will be refunded when signing the contract)

20% After signing the contract
20% When the house foundation is complete
20% When the concrete skeleton is complete
20% When the roof is complete
10%  When all tiling is complete
 5%  When the house is complete
 5%  When you get the key

Extra Options
Jacuzzi, fiberglass, 140 cm diameter built-in
Light dimmers, each
Marble on floors/walls instead af tiles
Mosquito nets, one in each room
Shower outside the house
Roof over the terrace

Other expenses

Electric meter deposit of 6,000 Baht must be paid when the house is ready to move in.
The monthly maintenance fee is 2,500 THB for a house with 1 bedroom, 3,000 THB for 2 bedrooms and 3,500 THB fo 3 bedrooms.
If you want us to keep your pool clean, it costs 750 THB/month plus chlorine.
Lease or own the land
You can either lease the land plot, or if you are a Thai citizen you can own the land plot. The land plot is included in the sales price.
If you own the land (Thai citizen), the title deed registration tax is around 90,000 THB if transferred before construction begins, or 210,000 THB if transferred after construction is complete.
If you lease the land, the registration tax is just 10,000 THB.
However, there is an option where you can reduce the above sales prices by 1,100,000 THB, and you pay monthly 8,000 THB for the land lease. You can later choose to buy the plot free, within the first 5 years for 1,150,000 THB, and after 5 years for the market price.

Blueprints of Thai Pool Villas

 The following blueprints show examples of some new Thai Pool Villas.
We have other types as well, and if you buy a new house,
then you can have it modified to match your own requirements.


This house has a separate guest house with direct pool access

Picture2 Thai House Plot 102-1

Open PDF file with more blueprints >

Picture1 Thai House Plot 102-1

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